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Play With a Purpose

Dog of the Day

Meet "Randall, Abby, and Takoda"

Takoda helps keep things in perspective for Randall and Abby, and always puts a smile on their faces.

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Natura Pet Food Recall

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Employee Spotlight: Lauren

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Petcasso: Animal Art from the Heart

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Amplify Austin 2014

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Featured News or Event

A unique member of Taurus' Pack, Lauren loves every dog she meets.

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Training Tips

A solid down command can help with energy management and fetch is a fun way to exercise with your dog!

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Teaching your puppy to come when called may seem daunting at first, but don't be discouraged! We'll show you how to set your puppy up to succeed.

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This month we'll discuss the Taurus take on puppy training basics, focusing on the importance of puppy socialization in relation to fostering appropriate behaviors between fellow pups and their human counterparts.

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